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Money was taken from my account automatically


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so i completed 2 order, both on different days, when i delivered everything was fine and one of the buyer even left me a “thumps up” review. days later i got a message from fiverr saying that this order has been cancelled by fiverr. i don’t understand why it was cancelled when i delivered and the customer was happy. this happen twice. the money for these order were removed from my account. i contacted fiverr 5 days ago about this but they have not responded.

i really don’t know what could be the cause of that. i am now even afraid to complete orders because this could keep happening, i would practically be working for free. I tried to contact the buyer but he/she is not longer a fiverr member. this is really weird .

has this happened to anyone?

can anyone enlighten me on this situation please! :-((

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@madmoo. thanks, yes i am aware of the scam messages. i am not referring to that though. what happened was that a buyer ordered my gig, submitted the info necessary and everything, i was in contact with the buyer because he forget to include a few details in the info he submitted. everything was fine. a day later i delivered, and the buyer wrote me a positive review and the order was complete. the payment moved from “upcoming payment” to “Awaiting clearance” which is the normal process.

so everything was fine. about 3 to 5 days after, i got a message saying “your order has been cancelled by fiverr”. this is what i dont understand. how come fiverr cancelled the order out of the blue! i worked and delivered, buyer was happy and the order was cancelled by fiverr and the funds were removed from my account.

this happened twice with 2 different buyers. and i don’t know why. it was nothing illegal, no Adult content, nothing of that sort.

if you know anything about this let me know.

thanks for your help

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