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I believe I answered your question before, you thanked me in the other post but
for some reason you didn’t make any changes, so I’ll repeat myself again, this time
with a link to make my point even more clear.
Use you own original images and not those free templates you found online if you
really claim yourself to be an experienced designer. Taking those templates and
tweaking them a bit is not the best way to impress potential buyers.
cropped-2-32x32.pngby ElegantFlyer


Urban Sound – Free PSD flyer template

At a glance this sexy themed club flyer which is called �Urban Sound� will attract the attention of each person and bring the desire to attend the advertised event. It will be your great decision to download this PSD file right now and start to...

(If you have designed them both though, I do apologize.)
Also you are not using your own face, own logo or character as your
Fiverr profile image. If you are a designer, the Fiverr avatar image is a great way to
represent who you are.
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Seriously, I give up.
I’ll be straightforward here, either you are simply being lazy, or you do not know how to do business, or do not know what “use you own image” means.

I’m sure the original seller would be quite angry when they
find out their image has been used without their permission.

Your other images are free templates from another website as well.

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dude every single image you have in gig is downloaded from Graphic Design Junction… Like Zeus told you, use your work. To be honest if I was a buyer I wouldn t believe you that you have 8+ years of an experience as graphic designer when you actually took images from net to represent yourself. I would think you have 8+ years of an experience in downloading. If you want to be good seller in design of any sort you have to build up your own portfolio as an impression of your creativity and presentation of your own skills… If I ask you what a layered mask is, can you give me an answer without googling?

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What makes me sort of sad personally is when I told him to stop using the template the second time, he changed his gig description saying that he does not use free internet templates, all designs are 100% his originals.
I get the feeling he is actually trying with no malicious intent, but he’s doing it the wrong way and simply doesn’t get it.

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I see it this way, if you understand what template is, know how to download, are able to use beside your native another language, then you can as well understand the difference between my own and copy. I came across on forum with threads where buyers actually get designs from free templates. One person got a Logo same as another one, and one person got same logo from two different sellers. The amount of free templates on internet and approach to it is actually a problem.

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