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How do you manage your clients?


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Is anyone else finding it not that easy to keep track of all their clients?

How do you know when to followup on leads who have not converted yet?
Or when to touch base with an existing client who did not come back for a second purchase?

Are you familiar with any tool which helps in managing your clients?
Or am I the only one experiencing this issue…?

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Each client is an individual, and you should manage him accordingly.

If he orders and demands a revision, either do it or refund it immediately. If you think he’s a problem client, someone who’s too demanding, too picky, then cancel all his orders (assuming he has placed more than one).

Don’t follow leads, if you’re doing Buyer’s Request and they don’t get back to you, it means they’re not interesting. Following leads only annoys sellers.

The Internet is like a game of ping pong, you hit the ball and wait for the other person to hit back. If they don’t, the last thing you want to do is keep sending them more balls.

By the way, you have no gigs, so what clients are you managing? Imaginary clients? 🙂

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Following leads here on Fiverr is not the same as you would in your own freelance business. It can be considered spam if you contact prior buyers or continually contact requests that have not converted. Fiverr can be more of a one stop shopping experience for buyers. That’s not to say you may not get repeat offers, but it works different here on Fiverr.

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Guest nicktribedesign

Never touch base with an existing client who did not come back for a second purchase. If a buyer hasn’t come back then it’s because they have no need of your services again or because they didn’t enjoy the experience. Either way, you can’t squeeze more sales out of them and any kind of contact could just be regarded as spam.

Instead, you should focus on serving current buyers to the best of your ability and attracting fresh buyers with awesome incentives.

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Guest createsolution

If the problem you are facing is too many orders, I would suggest you use the “Vacation Mode”. That will give you time to manage everything effectively without having to sacrifice quality.

When it comes to leads that didn’t convert yet, I assume you are referring to “clicks” on your gig and the number of orders you get. If that’s the case, I would suggest you change what you offer in the gig (e.g.: maybe reducing delivery time and slightly increasing quantity, also creating new extras).

Because if you are getting clicks, there is demand and your offer seems attractive at first sight. Also make sure the description of your gig doesn’t contain any errors and is persuasive all the way through.

Now, to address the issue about what to do when a client doesn’t come back for a second purchase. Please understand that there are many reasons for that. He may not have that need at the moment, or perhaps he wasn’t quite happy with the first. Nevertheless, I prefer to keep an optimistic view.

Check your gig page and see how many people saved it (little heart at the top), that will give you n extra tool to assess its effectiveness.

Good Luck!

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