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Getting out of a slump!


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I know when you first start on Fiverr it is exciting, you think you are going to start off making a lot of money, and you can stop working your regular job, and sit around in your underwear all day making money from Fiverr, but that is not the case. You have to take your time, it doesn’t take much time, but you have to be consistent, and you have to make sure you are finishing your work on time, and communicating with your customers.

All of this will affect your outcome on Fiverr, you will have people telling you that you can’t make money from Fiverr, but you can. All good things take some time, and consistenancy, you don’t just play basketball and all of a sudden you know how to do lay-ups and jump shots, know it takes time and consistancy to learn how to do these things.

So if you start on Fiverr and you get in a slump, just remember to be consistent, be patient and communicate with your customers, and fullfill orders in time and you will see results!

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