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BUYERS who don't follow INSTRUCTIONS (and Fiverr Forum search bar ^^^)


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One of the agencies I work for have a cool check off system on their event application website form like this; (for example)

I would be ideal for this position because;

O I am great with people!

O I have lots of sales experience.

O I’m outgoing, professional and love this business!

O I am never on time.

O I have a clean driving record

O I just checked this because I’m rushing through this application

O People say I’m a natural people person

etc etc…

I always laugh when I go through their site because I would LOVE to know what idiot checked off the BAD trait bubbles…

If fiverr implemented something like this or even a two-part option I think they could engineer the results to allow for automated dispute settlements when EITHER party is actually at fault…

I believe in OVER communicating so… I shall continue to hope 😉


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I think the best idea would be once someone orders a gig the seller either needs to check off that the buyer sent proper instructions or the clock auto starts after 8 or 12 hours. This would really help many people in cases where we didn’t know what to do until after the first day passed

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