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Hi guys can you help me please?


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Youu do not contact buyers, they browse and search the site and they will order from you if they find you and like your work.

You can answer buyer requests where sometimes buyers will post what they are looking for and need help with, so learn how to do that.

Other than that you have to go out and advertise your gig, post a link on your social media pages, let your family and friends know you are doing busienss and if they know anyone who needs help to look you up on Fiverr.

It sometimes takes a few weeks to make your first sale.

Also, one last thing…add some more samples. You only have one logo, you should have several samples of your work for the best chances of making a sale. Go look at other logo gigs by other high rated sellers, and look at their samples.

good luck to you.

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Hi assakkali,

In the main Fiverr site, hover your mouse over your name (top right). In the drop-down menu, go to sales and then click on “My Gigs”. Once you are there, you can see there is a “Add a new gig” on the top right. Click that and follow the instructions to create your gigs. The buyers will find you by searching fiverr. 🙂

Alternatively you can go to the sales->Buyer requests and see custom jobs that buyers need to get done and submit your offer. You may need to create at least one gig to do that though.

Hope this helps.

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