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[Opinion] Same gig's concepts or individual


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Hey Guys,

I am a Fiverr seller for already one year. Lately I decided to made some changes in my marketing strategy and I would like to discuss with you in order to hear your own opinion.

All of my gigs related to the Graphic and Design section, as you can see on the attached photo, some of them shared the same gig’s photo with the same “logo” I created, but with different text describing the gig’s service. The other two of them (Photoshop Edit, Illustrator) are still using the same logo but with actual work I made.

I would like to hear you about these two different concepts. What do you think is more powerful in terms of marketing aspect? To use the same clear design so when the costumers will reach to my profile they will see all of my services as a whole? Or to try combining more examples of my works using the same logo/symbol which present the uniqueness of the profile?

Waiting to read your comments,


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