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Asking to leave a review


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Several days ago I created a Halloween message gig. So far I have received two orders which is great,

but unfortunately they did not leave a review/rating. (I did get a nice thank you message though)

I have other gigs with a lot of reviews and ratings already so I guess it is’t that much of a big deal if I didn’t get any for this one,

but since this gig is new, I personally think it will make it look nicer if the buyers left a comment.

It’s not that I’m going to beg for a 5 star (well of course it would be great if it was a 5!), but how would buyers

feel if a seller contacted them asking to leave a review? Would they feel somewhat pressured or uncomfortable? :-/

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As both a seller and a buyer, I think it’s quite natural to ask for rating and review, and I don’t feel pressured or uncomfortable. Some new buyers really don’t know how Fiverr works, and they think leaving a message after receiving the order is already a review. They don’t realize they need to give stars and type things in the review box, in order to properly review the order.

However, I think it also depends on how you phrase the words.
“Your work here, give me 5-star rating and review, thank u, sir"
will make some differences with
"I’d appreciate it if you could take a little time rating and reviewing this order.”

You could also briefly explain the importance of a review, and the procedure of reviewing. But Fiverr’s system has been changing frequently, so I’ll pay extra attention of how it works when I buy something. I can therefore explain better to my buyers when I sell something.

To present the opinions from both sides of whether or not to ask for reviews, this forum thread is a good read: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/78696/do-not-ask-buyers-to-leave-a-5-star-review

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