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I ordered from a seller and he has not responded to my mail or given me my work. I place the order on the 5th of September. The work was late. we spoke through messages and said the work is done but he was to lazy to send it. and he will send it later. I could have cancelled the order but I had ordered from him before as he did a good job. But now I am pissed because I m losing money every day that this project is on hold. I am about to report him for his lack of response and unprofessional conduct. I have dealt with other sellers who I give extra time to finish the work and they come through. but this guy I think stole my work and dodging my messages. I don’t like to give people bad ratings. but he leaves me no choice. I know anyone can make money here, but at least have some courtesy and professionalism. Need some advice thanks.

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