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Advice for Freelancers


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I am starting off as a freelance artist, to be exact, a freelance illustrator. I have been on Fiverr and doing freelance for two weeks, thus far I have successfully completed 6 gigs and earned more than $40. I am currently trying to earn money for art supplies and new equipment for school by July 2016.

I am not too experienced with doing freelance, but this is the best advice I can offer.

  1. When creating gigs, tag them appropriately. Tag them so they make sense and relate to what you’re providing with your gig.

  2. Don’t false advertising. If you say you’ll do on thing in your gig, and your buyer pays for the gig and you give them something completely different (ex. you’re gigs show you drawings as realistic but your drawings are actually stick figures), that will affect your reputation, how buyers trust you, and will eventually make buyers pay attention to other creators.

  3. Take a break sometimes. Overworking isn’t a good thing. Relax. You deserve it.

  4. Don’t be upset if you don’t get clients right away. There’s plenty of clients out there. Everything isn’t for everyone, just like a certain thing isn’t for someone.

  5. Enjoy what you do. It doesn’t make sense to do freelance for something you don’t enjoy. If you’re more eager about something, your experience will be more pleasurable.

  6. Use picture/written examples of what you’ve created instead of stock or someone else work. Buyers will be interested in what’s displayed, expecting you did it.

  7. Make the delivery time longer than it needs to be. My art/illustration commissions take one day for me to draw, but I am busy with school, personal matters, and my scholarship, so I added three more days to my commission time so I can have more than enough time to complete what I have to do.

  8. Don’t be afraid to lose a buyer if you think they’re suspicious. If they’re hostile, wants you to do their gig via inbox, concerned about paying for your gig before ordering, sending threats, or just seems suspicious to you, tell customer service, and or turn them down. Your safety is more important.

  9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Life is all about learning. The more you know, the more reliable you are.

    Contribute some advice, tips, and resources in the comments.bAlso, tell about your freelancing eperience.
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