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Want to know how fiverr made my life it will make yours too


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I hope this will be an inspiration for you :

One day when i was going back to home from my university i visited my friend ( my class fellow ), he was designing a logo. I asked him few questions about why he is doing this etc etc. He told me about Fiverr. I was very much inspired by his talk. he guided me through all the process. The day i was coming back to hostel. I decided to sign up on fiverr i think it was 3 hours before leaving. I think after two hours somebody placed an order on my gig. I didnt know what it is i called my friend and told him what was appearing on my id. he said “boy you are lucky somebody just placed an order on your gig”. I cant tell you the feeling i had. I asked him a favor i said i dont want my buyer to wait can you do the job for me he said okai no problem. Because I was about to leave for the university. I got the five star review in that job. I told my room mates about fiverr and luckily all four of them signed up one of them was already on fiverr. I applied for the, I had almost 200 dollars available for cash out the day i received my card. It was the friday i was in the class when my father called and told me son we just got a post from you he opened it up it was my fiverr card. I told my friends about the call they were happy too. i reached home mailed fiverr to enable my fiverr revenue card button, i did an immediate load. The first payment I cashed out was almost 185 dollars. I told my gf when i was holding the money in my hand i said this is my first pay from fiverr i was so happy that day. i took y father’s card and took it gas station for fueling. I paid that from my own pocket than i took my brother’s wife and my mother to a shoe store. On that day i took my friend for the party.Days passed i worked hard i dint even put it to vacation mode in my terminal exams. I collected my amount and after that me and my two other friends decided to open software house before that i invested the money in Stationary shop my own money that i earned from fiverr. Just three weeks before me and my other two friends just started a software house. We are on our initial stages of our business. All the money i get from fiverr i put it all to my business and keep some for my pocket.Now I am a level 2 seller and i hope in near future i will become a fiverr rock star. I am Doing BS(CS) form a best IT university in my country and going to be a graduate in 2016. Before graduation i am running my own business and i am too happy for what i have become my family my friends, relatives everyone is appreciating me on my success. Most importantly everyone around me is working on fiverr. I am so happy that i found fiverr at best stage of my life. I am very much satisfied with fiverr and i hope you all are too. This is me asad51 and thats my story - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/81140/my-story-from-no-one-to-software-house-owner#Item_2

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