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I have 5 bucks!


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Hi Fiverr people,

The message on the top of my page says I have 5 bucks to spend. How do I spend it? Do I buy a gig and it automatically subtracts $5 from the total? I pay with Paypal usually. Thanks for the help, and I’m enjoying seeing and buying all the gigs here!



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Ahh ok, it says I have $0 in my balance. I guess I must have spent it already, but it doesn’t tell me what I spent it on. I ordered a lot of gigs these past few weeks and I’d have to go through my Paypal with a fine toothed comb to see where exactly it went. The message still appears at the top of my page every time I log on or refresh it so I’m beginning to think maybe it’s just a default advertising message for the people who qualified and it’ll go away Sept 4th.

That mog also does look like the FFIX mog. They use it for FFXI and the new MMO FFXIV as well because it’s the most popular model but I ordered that one from Japan through Ebay and it came in a little plastic bag that had a FFXI tag or sticker on it. I think they also use a similar model for the FF Tactics Advance series. (Both Tactics and Tactics A2.)

I’d love to buy your gig but I don’t have a website or blog that needs that sorta service. 🙂

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