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Thanks alot Fiverr, My Gig At First Fiverr SERP, But Still Need Some Help


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After a while, after making several research, I manage to get my gig at the first Fiverr SERP with ‘LANDING PAGE’ keyword. It’s been 2 days and hope it will stay there.

(1) I just wondering if Im the only one who can see it, while others can’t see it. (maybe this alogaritma can only be seen by me). Check my gig ‘http://fiverr.com/pakarfiver/design-gorgeous-landing-page-or-minisite-headline-action-botton-for-your-business-or-ebook’ using ‘landing page’ keyword. Hope anyone could let me know.

(2) Yes! my gig as the first page, but I still can’t manage to get any sales. Is there something wrong with this gig…

Hope anyone could let me know… Thanks alot. This could help other seller to understand more about fiverr alogaritma… Thanks again… 😉

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