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Cancelling Projects of Suspected Trouble Makers


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I recently read a note by a seller about cancellation. She was a little scared and apprehensive about cancelling (i guess rightly so as a newbie) because she was not sure how it would affect her going forward. I’ve had that kind of experience.

At first I went along with this type of buyer because I was, I guess you could say a “FIVERR freshman” myself, but eventually I came to realize that there are some buyers who just want to take advantage of the situation.

I recommend mutually cancelling for any seller who is uncomfortable with any buyer or with a buyer’s request. I’ve had to do this to 2 buyers myself. One even after I had done more than 95% of the work and a sleepless night - but came to realize they were being uncooperative and unreasonable. They paid well enough but I got to realize it wasn’t worth the nonsense and stress they were later starting to bring to the job.

The other buyer ordered a bulk of work all at the same time (he refused to communicate when I wanted clarity) knowing full well I would not be able to complete all in time. The ones I did he gave a one star - revenge I guess because I did them well and he didn’t approach for any changes or dislikes.

Be careful and avoid problem making buyers it will really hurt in the long run - it’s not worth the $5.

As one seller wrote in another forum recently "don’t think of a cancellation as a loss of revenue (even though that’s what it is) but rather taking a step back to breathe especially in situation where you find yourself least comfortable. Don’t sell yourself short because you need the money. It’s one thing to want to build your portfolio and earn money, Fiverr is already providing a platform with awesome services at prices that aren’t likely anywhere else. Remember that there will always be more buyers so if you really aren’t comfortable with doing it and you do feel bullied, cancel. There will always be more offers."

Solid advise I think…

Advise to sellers to avoid possible cancellations:

  • have clear gig descriptions (I usually require buyers to make contact with me before purchases to avoid any confusion)
  • communication is key (if a buyer think it annoying to be clear in what they want or if they are unresponsive for extended periods or totally, then watch out)
  • I’ve come to realize that some buyers avoid gig extras altogether (some purposely, some out of ignorance of how the system works). Solution - try to prepare a custom offer which incorporates the cost for the basic gig plus any extras needed to complete the project, for them it simplifies the request payment.

    What are your thoughts?
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