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[TIP] How to Create A Kick A$$ Video for FREE


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As twistedweb123 mentioned in another thread, videos help enhance your gigs, so I would like to share my secrets as well. Personally, I hate being in front of the camera, but I want buyers to get a feel for who I am and what I’m about, so I suck it up and I do it. The best thing to do is, know what you want to say. You can either write it out and practice saying it, or create an outline and tape it to the wall o display it on your computer.

Here’s some key points you might want to mention:

*What are you offering for the initial $5 gig?

*What are your gig extras and why are they beneficial to the buyer?

*Why they should order from you and what they can expect?

*Show off some samples

*Say your Call-to-Action (I.e. Order now)

If you don’t like being on camera, then create a video with your photo, text, and examples. Some people use Windows Live Movie Maker or Animoto to create videos, but my favorite tool is Microsoft Powerpoint (sorry mac users). You can do some pretty cool things with it. For instance, you can check out my resume gig to see an example of PP at work. You can actually put a video on top of another video.(I learn something new everyday. Lol)

Here’s just a few things you can do with it:

*Add photos, music, videos, change the video background image



*Create Intros


There are tutorials on youtube and free stock music websites you can use to help you get started. I would suggest playing around with the software to get familiar with it. Once you have all your slides the way you want them, go to file => Compress media files. (This will make the file size smaller) Then go to file => Save & Send => Create Video. Once your video is done rendering, you’ll need to convert it from .wmv to .avi, .mov, or .mp4 to be able to upload it to Fiverr. You can use Free Video Converter to convert it.

I know this thread is a little vague, but there’s only so much I can type (I’m typing this from my smartphone) without actually showing you guys. I do hope this helps though. If you have any questions, feel free to message me or post them in this thread. Happy Selling! 🙂


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Reply to @rozzski999: I don’t use macs very much, but I know that you can do some basic things with iMovie. You could also hire a Fiverr seller to put together a video for you. That will have the cost one of gig, but I think a video has the potential to bring in quite a few buyers, making it a good investment. The other option is to download a 30 day free trial of After Effects, and use that temporarily. Microsoft Office for mac exists too, so if I’m not mistaken, that is another possibility.

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