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I can't access fiverr please help!


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Hello everyone,

I have a HUGE problem. Lately my gig started to take off a little bit and I get 1-2 sales a day usually.

But today I tried to open fiverr and it wasn’t working! All other websites work fine and I don’t have any internet issues but I get to a “Server not Found” page.

Could it may be because fiverr always redirects me to de.fiverr.com? I can’t get rid of it and I totally hate it. (If anyone knows how to make this stop please let me know). Now I probably have some orders but I can’t finish them since I can’t access the website. And if I’ll get a bad review because if this my whole fiverr journey is done and I can quit.

Please let me know what I can do, I already submitted a ticket to the fiverr support, but I’m scared that it could take them too long to respond and that I will get negative reviews because I can’t deliver on time. 😕

I attached the screenshot on how it looks like when I try to open the fiverr.com.

PS: I hate geographic redirecting!

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