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Last minute Seller Cancellation/Buyer Recourse?

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I’m relatively new using Fiverr. Thus far I’ve had a good experience with the orders I’ve made, with the exception of one.

Seller cancelled at the 11th hour of the gig being due. I understand things happen, but I think there should be some recourse (is there a feature that allows this kind of feedback for slack sellers?) and admonishing of this kind of action on the seller’s part, even seller reimbursing the processing fee made by buyer. I especially think this, given the thoroughly messaging prior to ordering.

I now have another order ‘in process’, where seller has not acknowledged the order (made 3 days ago). Yes, people are busy with their work. However, I think having thorough communication before, asking/confirming with seller if placing the order is a go, but not hearing anymore from the seller is disconcerting.

Really would like to know what features are in place to avoid, and even hold seller responsible for these kind of interactions.

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