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SEO of My Fiverr GIG


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Hello Everyone

Do you think its a good idea to have done SEO for your GIG

I am thinking of doing it for my GIG which is already in High rating spot#15

If you have done it, please share your experience and any other helpful fact regarding this will be appreciated

I am also looking someone who is expert in SEO to tell me what benefits does it has for my GIG?

Thank you in advance

Junaid :-h

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I think it is an interesting idea! It seems that backlinks are what it takes to get listed high up on Google. I do not know that buying a lot of backlinks will do it though and would love to hear how you plan to try it.

I checked on Google for your gig just now but did not see it.
Under what keywords is it #15?

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Reply to @misscrystal: Yes i have already hired a Guy here on fiverr, so lets see how things will go on

And spot #15 is not on Google, i am talking about Search function of Fiverr. Keyword the i targeted is “Redesign”, just type it in search bar of fiverr and you will see my GIG in between spot 10 to 20 (Its regarding presentations)

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Reply to @misscrystal: Not Went well
I think SEO is just another Shadow Service here on Fiverr. Because most of time buyer like me has no idea what the result will be.
I hired that guy which i mentioned earlier and after 3 days he sent me a excel file with over 500 Links. I checked my GIG on Google and Yahoo. Just one time it was seen on first page of Yahoo only and after that i haven’t seen it. When i asked him about the result he said it will take up to 30 days(which he never mentioned in his Description). It was a $5 order so i am not that much bothered about it and closed it immediately with a 4/5 Rating
So I think unless you have some knowledge about this field, you and all others should avoid this service.

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