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Level 1 in just about 2 weeks of publishing my first gig!


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Hi! I’m Izrahyel! It was impossible to have a Paypal account where I lived in the Caribbean. But I was finally able to sign up for both Fiverr and Paypal, after I moved to the UK. I been a member of Fiverr sign January 2015, but I only posted my first gig after my first year of college. In only about 2 weeks of posting my first gig I was promoted to a Level 1 Seller. So far I’ve had a total of 21 orders all of which are complete, and I also have 16 5-star reviews! I also took so long to sign up for Fiverr because I wanted my gig to be appealing. I treated my gig like a small business because after all, it is a small business. I designed the branding for my gigs from the cover to the slides, and made sure it had a professional appearance.

Once my gig looked appealing I made it active and waited for my first order. In the first month I earn about $76 and so far for this month I’ve earned $172. Most of my earnings came from custom orders. Thank you Fiverr for allowing custom orders. Convince a buyer to make a custom order isn’t always easy. You’ve got to know how to effectively market what you have to offer. Always present your best! Not what you think is your best, but what you’ve always been given compliments and praises for. Then most importantly you’ve got to have great communication. My communication is at 100%, most of the credit goes to the notifications I receive on my smartphone. Oh! If a customer gives you a positive or negative review, always return a positive review about them. Try to make each review unique.

I wish I could share more tips but I may have bored you by now. Oh thanks to “themommyvortex” I now know about buyer request! Now I’ll be able to generate even more revenue on my journey to becoming a Fiverr ROCKSTAR!

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