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Rate your exprience on fiverr

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Fiverr is the world Largest online market place with people worldwide, offering a variety of services. As a seller you might want to rate how well fiverr has helped you connect with buyers and earning from things you love doing.

As a buyer, you could share your experience with sellers here on fiverr, either good or Bad.

For me, my first month and a few weeks on fiverr has been on an average. I’ll rate it 60% 🙂 Fiverr has been fun all the same. kudos to its founders. Share yours here.

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For me it’s okay. I don’t have that many orders, but fiverr isn’t my primary source of making money, I do have a regular job.
I do this to get more used to do client-work. So far I drew only as because I love it. And some people really want custom artwork done by me or pay for the drawings I drew.

So far all my clients were very kind, read my gig description and offered contacted me only when they thought I could fulfil their request. I have like 1 order every 1-2 months, that’s perfectly okay for me, it’s more like a reminder: Hey you need to draw!
My gig is in a niche, because I think I can’t write I draw like everything and provide the same quality with each drawing.

One thing that bugs me are buyers that not response after I finished the gig. So I don’t know if they really like what they’ve got or moved to another seller and stopped wasting time with me.

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