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So if you’re new to Fiverr you would have realized by now that the competition is by the hundreds… of thousands… or possibly millions…

I mean truth is, I know of several people who open accounts to sell the very same products across several different accounts… why? Because they do so in hopes to get their gig even glanced at for just a second’s worth. I know hundreds of people from those Internet Marketing forums glimpsing at Fiverr and going… "Yeah, I know it’s great for buying but selling, fat chance of even being seen"

And Yes, the harsh truth is there. You will hardly be seen… if you don’t put any effort to it!

If you spend time, around 20 minutes minimum on each and every one of your gigs, the likelihood is that it will get seen and boost its way to the top. I will admit that I am guilty of not promoting my gigs as much as I could or I should, I mean come on, I have used the same picture for two different gigs! Talk about lack of uniqueness! Luckily enough Fiverr has been super nice to me and I make a decent amount of sales weekly :P!

But unfortunately not everyone is as lucky as I am and that’s why you have to do this:

  1. Make a video or get someone else on Fiverr to Make one for you! (Selling your Gig of course)
  2. Your Gig Description has to be Straight to the Point, Tell the Buyers Why they should Buy Your Gig! And of course, throw in some funny and entertain everybody!
  3. Tags tags tags!! Look at what those top sellers selling similar gigs as yours are tagging and try and match up the game! Tags are crucial as these are the Keywords to getting your Gig Listed to the Top! I cannot emphasise enough how important tags are. This is what gets websites to the top page of Google, keywords a.k.a. “tags” on Fiverr. It’s the same concept this whole search engine optimization, work it and make it work!
  4. Relevant Forums - Don’t Spam! Nobody likes spammers!! But be sure to leave a thread offering your services or even put it down in your signature! Sites like www.forums.digitalpoint.com are amazing starters to target millions of users online looking for something fascinating to spend a quick $5 bucks on!

    Worst comes to worst… do Not Give Up!

    Mark Zuckerburg would not have gotten anywhere close to where he is today had he given up. In fact, I know this for a fact! My lecturer, yes my lecturer… haha… was a classmate of Mark in Harvard. That was when Facebook hit the fans but even at that it never kicked off at the start! I mean it was running so low profile that it was existent when Myspace was the HOT Social Media Website! It was running as old as almost a decade ago (If not more)! But he never gave up and look where it is now :)!

    Keep trooping forward. If your idea fails, take a step back and re-analyze the situation.

    Stalk your competitors (yes! All major corporations do so why shouldn’t you?!) Stalk them and ask yourself WHY are they making it and why are you not?

    Think smart, think innovative and keep trying 🙂 All the best to all and before I forget…

    Try and get people to collect your gigs - it helps with the exposure by a Ton :D!

    Take care All and Happy Fivingg!!
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