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80% + clients are not ordering my gig properly?


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So my Testimonial gig is getting a very high population of clients sending in order and not including scripts so it takes sometimes 3 days for them to get me a script or order a 2nd gig to get me to write them. I had one guy put in an order he claims he didn’t know he even made. And when I messaged him from his order with “incomplete instructions” he put that message in his instructions so it started the timer while he works out whether he wants me to write a script or not. Now on the day it goes late I get his 2nd order for a script.

Another person has ordered my gig once and included his script. Fine … but it’s waay to long… definitely over 60 seconds. And he casually says “Just go ahead and shorten this up” … Failing to realize that all that is just extra work. I’m supposed to sort through this huge script to figure out what is most important to say and tweak it then do a video all for 4$? …

Others are simply not responding when I’m asking them if they are going to send a script for their $5 order or make a 2nd one for me to write it. One of those orders is late and the buyer can cancel at anytime (I’ve contacted him lots to no avail) …

Why is it that so many people are having trouble reading this gig - The most trouble they should have is figuring out how many gigs to order if they wanted any extras but I think it clearly states to order and send a script or order 2 for me to write one for them. Then lists a few things to help me write it , most importantly just a few main topics or MUST SAYs. Nothing hard.

I’ve written scripts from these instructions just fine

Bullet Points: Price , Vast Selection , No competition in the area , Free Shipping

MUST SAYs: Website name + Company name.

… yet people just can’t seem to make a similar list. I usually do fine when they say “Anything it doesnt matter” but really I’m having to really spend a lot of time writing with these instructions when it could be all ready to go and cheaper for them … or they can list me what I want to write the script instead of “Whatever you think is important!”

Why do clients not realize the extra work they are asking for? Why don’t they realize that a few bullet points from them goes A LONG WAY for them hearing what they really want to hear in the video testimonial or commercial?


Ooh … piece of candy!

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Although any important information may be clearly stated in your description, just try to put it at the very beginning perhaps in all capital letters or something to make it stand out.

This helped with one of my gigs.

For example: Put “1 gig= up to 60 seconds of video” and “If you want me to create the script, order another gig per 60 seconds of script” and the very beginning of your description before all of the "If you need a believable testimonial that sounds like it came from a satisfied customer or someone REAL and not a paid actor… " stuff…

You may just have to play around with different ways to get this through your buyer’s heads. Tweak your description until you see an improvement.

I know it’s frustrating, but I am sure you will find the right description to solve your issues. Just keep tweaking/testing!

Good luck!

EDIT: Additionally, I think becoming a level 1 seller would solve this for the most part. You would then be able to focus your description on “selling” your service, and not have to put all of the “order more gigs for this and that” and such because you would have that all in the gig extras.

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I have nothing to add except that you’re very handsome without that hat on. 😉 (Not that I’d ever have anything against crocheted hats, but …)

(And OBG has it down. You have to describe your gig as though you are talking to five year olds. Sad, but true.)

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Zarklon, dude, no offense, but your description is really hard to read and understand. I know what you are trying to do, but your thoughts ramble about too much. I find it best to read something after a few days and see if it still makes the same sense to me. I think OBG did you a great service by rewording it. I find hers to be much easier to read, more to the point.

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Thanks so much to everyone! Any my love OBG … I found your wording very helpful and I’ll kindly nab that paragraph and tweak maybe the word count. Thank youu!

Prohelper , thanks for checkin it out I’ve considered putting those important things first but I seem to be getting enough orders with it like it is. I’m afraid to make it too “instructional” at first glance from the search results. Ide like that first liner to be read. Thats why I still have it like that.

Leveling up would help me clear up that description box A Lot.

Thanks Crcanny , I needed another’s opinion… my hair has gone through so many stages. I just wear the hat to not deal with it. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

beatcraigslist - Thanks for that feedback. It’s been a while since I tweaked my gig description for it and this is version 3 of me trying to make people understand it. I guess it’s still terrible… I’ll play on Oldbittygrandma’s advice for re-wording.

You all have been most kind and helpful. - Thanks! =)

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Break your service down in your images.

For example, look at my gig images here: http://fiverr.com/twistedweb123/improve-your-website-with-10-tips

Or Kymmypops here: http://fiverr.com/kymmypops/dress-up-as-a-cute-geek-girl-and-say-whatever-you-want

Even if you don’t have extras, you can utilize your image space to clearly clarify and showcase your service(s).

I often find, pushing your gig as a solid “package” makes it very easy to order. For example, you can offer two packages:

  1. $5 video testimonial xx words
  2. $10 video testimonials, xx words and script creation

    "Need a longer video and/or script? Simply order your desired package again, until you cover your desired time/word count"
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Ahh I’ve been neglecting my image space. I can much easily add stuff to an image in there rather than take up a paragraph of text. Would you happen to know the best resolution for those sample images in the portfolio?

Thats a great idea thanks!

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