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What do you do in your spare time?


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@OrangeWebDesign In these days I’m doing more work and my free time is only the Sleep time 😉 But from next year January I’ll start days with my Free Time. These days I’m creating my blogs very hardly while working on Fiverr. So I can generate more income and work less on Fiverr later.

But I’ll not NEVER stop working on Fiverr. This is my answer for your question.

I love Gaming very much and so much. So My one and only hobby is Gaming. I love to play PC games mostly. But I'll buy a Xbox next year from the money I earned from Fiverr. ;)

Except Gaming, I'd like to watch Fighting Movies, Criminal Movies, Assassination Movies, More Importantly Science Fiction Movies...!

What About Yours...?

Shyam - WordPress SEO, Themes Guy,

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DIABLO 3 is currently taking up most of my time. Now that there is a real money auction house it makes the game profitable!! It was like a dream of mine that this would exist when I was younger!!

Other than Traveling… I am quite an active person so I do a lot of sports… Mainly Football and Badminton. Oh and I love Pub Pool anyone fancy a game when we pass through on our journey called life then give us a shout!!

An Xbox is on my wish list too hehe but I can only carry so much 😦

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