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My Collection of Suggestions :)

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Alright staff, hopefully some of these get to you. I’ll probably update this as I see more as well.

  1. This first one just came to me as I’m trying to keep track of customers and conversations. You give the option to sort them into different “Labels” but you can only access these labels to sort them while in that one individual conversation. What I suggest is add an option on the https://www.fiverr.com/conversations page to be able to sort multiple messages into those labels at a time. This will save a lot of people a lot of time (if they use this feature of course.)

  2. Custom offer notification. Ok, so this is just a suggestion to remove the “Send a Custom Offer: Custom offer tooltip Did you know that a Custom Offer sells much better than offering your Gig through a regular message?” message. It shows up every time someone sends a client the word “order” and it gets old real quick when sending follow up messages to 10-15 clients. I know it’s a new feature, but maybe 5 times and done per user? 😉

  3. I’m 100% sure someone has suggested this already, but it would be heavenly to be able to deliver orders from the mobile application. There’s a lot of times when the only thing I have on me is my phone and I need/want to deliver an order that I have an image of. If this is already in the work then, woo!! But I just wanted to make sure to get it out there.

    More to come! Thanks! 🙂

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