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Feel free to contact other sellers on the same time


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Yesterday I got a message from a Fiverr user (potential buyer) who trying to compare my way of conducting business with other sellers. And she even said that I tried to con her…

Last week, she contacted me and tell me that her website’s content area background color suddenly changed. She asked me to change it to a specific color. No login details are given. Because no order has been placed yet.

Then I took a liberty to check her WordPress website’s theme CSS file myself. This is done without any login details. I can see that she is using a very bad coded WordPress theme. And maybe sooner or later she will face another problems.

So I suggest to her that she change into another theme. I told here my WordPress re-designing services, the theme I use and my price range is between $150 to $350 according to the complexity of the website and content.

She replied with some angry tone that I don’t read her message. She ask me to fix the code. When she said that, I thought that she asked me to fix the old theme. I replied that I don’t want to fix the theme because it is so badly coded. And then after I got some emotional reply from her, I asked her politely to find another seller.

Yesterday she send me a message and say if I am wondering about her website, the website’s background color has been okay and the seller only ask her for $5. I replied to her saying that the price that I sent her is a range price for re-designing the whole website, not just changing the background color.

She then replied with more emotional messages and even blaming me for wasting her time. She also asked me to thank her for telling me how to do business.

Actually, in every message that I replied to her, I did say “thank you” as a courtesy to an olderly woman. But I didn’t feel that she appreciated my politeness to her.

Then I asked her not to write to me anymore and end the message with a “thank you”. She again replied with some sarcastic message. Then I sent my last message saying just 2 words; “thank you”.

So as a Seller that has been using Fiverr since 2011 and has been doing WordPress web design since 2008, I would like to inform you how I usually conduct my services :-

  1. I like to discuss with my customer using my 8+ years experience of WordPress web designing. Sometimes I will suggest a better solution for your problems. While we are discussing, feel free to discuss with other sellers too. I am not trying to waste anybody’s time. My time is as valuable as yours. In some cases if I find that I don’t know how to do it I will tell you that I cannot help you with the request.

  2. After our discussion, it is not necessarily that we will proceed with orders. Discussion is only a discussion. No commitment at all. I always read all the messages that you write to me. Sometimes what I suggest is not what your write to me. That is because I find it in my experience, there is a better solution. But if you still want the one you write earlier, no problem.

  3. My price is my price. If you don’t agree you can tell me the price that you think is suitable. But please don’t be too emotional. If you still don’t like it, feel free to find another seller. There are tons of sellers here in Fiverr.

  4. Some buyer (usually old folks, sorry I am trying to be honest here) don’t understand the word “discussion” and can easily get angry. It’s up to you from whom you want to order. I don’t really care about that if you wish to order from someone else. I am not too desperate to get your orders.

    Thank you.

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