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Is Fiverr buggy?


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This is my first time I had to deal through another site to get paid. Since I have no other experience with similar sites, I was wondering if Fiverr is considered to be buggy compared to other similar sites?

I would think sites where money is involved would require a higher standard of quality v.s. the mom and pop site. As a seller, the problems with my account and having to get Fiverr to solve them, is an added stress to the already stress of dealing with buyer’s concerns.

Recently I had one of my tickets solved. It took Fiverr CS 4 months to solve it. I know they are busy, but I would think 4 months is a bit much – even 4 weeks seems an unreasonable time for a solution. Maybe it is wrong to do this, but I’m constantly comparing the support Fiverr expects me to give to my buyers v.s. the support I get from CS.

Most recent problem is my funds are not clearing after 14 days. Kind of like a buyer expecting their gig to be delivered within the time limit and it not happening. I’m sure they would be upset and discouraged as I am with trying to solve the pending clearance problem with my funds through CS.

Personally, I wish Fiverr would stop with all the updates and focus on fixing the bugs. There seems to be quite a few and the more they update, the more problems I seem to have with my account.

I keep pretty busy, but I imagine it is nothing compared to TRS work load. So if I struggle with finding time to deal with Fiverr bugs, I imagine that TRS must go bonkers trying to deal with their workload while at the same time trying to keep their account from being too bogged down from constant problems.

Just my 2 cents

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Guest paulredding

I can’t seem to upload a profile pic. I’ve tried multiple os across multiple devices, with multiple browsers. Fiverr seems to have issues with allowing me to update my profile.

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