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Buyer tries to rip me off, then leaves negative feedback for being "unpleasant"


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I received my first negative feedback today on my gig, http://fiverr.com/wisdom_tree/draw-a-hideously-ugly-character .

Worked a good 4 hours on this gig, and after I finished I told the buyer “if you want to use this for commercial purposes, please buy the appropriate license”. The license is offered at 40$ as is specifically mentioned on my gig description.

They declined and instead left me my first ever negative feedback saying that while the artwork was good, I was being unpleasant.

I am now sure I will never reach “top seller” status and that my sales will decline.

What can be done?

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Your sales will not declined. He said it was good, so people will know your work is good. If someone wants to see if you’re really unpleasant, they will message you prior to ordering to see for themselves.

I haven’t read the feedback, but if you post a thumbs up for the buyer, and say something like, "Thank you again for ordering. I’m glad you like my work. If you feel like I came across as unpleasant, I deeply apologize. That is never my intention. I pride myself in offering high quality art as well as excellent customer service. I enjoyed working with you; I wish you much success! :-)"

That way, potential buyers can see you as a “stand-up” kinda guy. 😉

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