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Updating Video Specifications - Size, Length, Aspect ratio and thumbnails


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I have been researching answers to these questions form forum posts going back to 2013 and other non-fiverr sources that say the length for a video is no less than :10 sec. and no more than :30. Then I read :60, then I time some of the published videos on Fiverr and they are over :60. How long can a video be?

The aspect ration of 76:53 is pretty kooky but I can make that work. (380px X 285px) I wonder by not 4:3. I think it’s because Fiverr want’s to assure that the videos on the site or very customized and can’t be used on other venues.

How are the thumbnails picked, some say it’s random, some say that you can contact customer service and get it customized. The right thumbnail is very important for my gig as it is for probably everybody. Is the thumbnail negotiable?

Anyone know what the official specifications are to these questions?

Any insight is much appreciated.

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I’ve done some more definitive research by analyzing what’s going on with well done videos on Fiverr.

I studied Silver Virtual, John Birlin, the VO-Guy-Aaron & Rapperman they were all well produced and professional. Jon Birlin’s was just slides and fuzzy focused, but he is one accomplished and busy seller. Anyway, here are the facts:

The Aspect ratio I’m 100% sure of is 775 X 523, I’m 100% sure of the 523 height value. The width is subject to the nuances of Photoshop’s crop tool. My best guess is 775 to 771, I’m producing my video at 775 X 523.

Note: the player that Fiverr uses displays a number = 448. That has nothing to do with the dimensions of your video. 480 is the broadcast TV standard TV but not as good as HD.

The thumbnails look like they are random. VO-guy-Arron’s is not flattering despite his excellent gig. Whether or not you can change that by talking to support, I don’t know.

The six thumbnails under the videos are totally random. None of the thumbnails on Silver Virtual were flattering. Looks like any frame is open for a screen capture by Fiverr.

I’d like to point out that Silver Virtual uses a six shot box what adds a lot of visual information. I would have thought that idea would be too confusing to a viewer. All of the gigs mentioned in this post were busy with customers.

Hope this helps.

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Wow, I forgot to mention one of the most important specifications: length of play.

Here are the times I found for three of the above examples: :51, :30, :45 for Silver Virtual.

This is hardly a comprehensive analysis, but I’m going with :50 because It got Fiverr’s approval. Maybe : 60 is doable, but I’m not risking being published.

So, bottomline 775 X 523, :50 in length, best to have the Fiverr logo displayed throughout. Disregard the 448 number on screen. High production values do not necessarily mean greater success. Look at John Birlin.

Me, I’m going for max production values since by gig really warrants it.

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