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Fiverr always play game with the seller,not perfect this marketplace for career


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Fiverr for the buyers. This is not for Sellers Marketplace. Because Fiverr always support the clients.

please can tell me anybody , why fiverrs don’t include a option to block a client? and why a client can be block a seller?

I am working in Fiverr almost near about 1 year. but today i bound to saying that, Fiverr marketplace is not fitted for a sellers career.

Really fiverr play game with us. Disgusting… :-@ :-q

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Hi Raju,

I’m a newbie but I’ve seen this sentiment elsewhere in this forum. From a fresh pair of eyes I must say that there are some things I would like to change as well (such as the Seller having to accept an order, being able to block a Buyer, time extension either in the form of mutual agreement or when modification requests are made etc.) Time will tell if Fiverrr implements any of these changes.

However, in my short 1 month here I have seen them implement the tip your seller function so I guess things are improving.

Best of luck to you!

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