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Many thanks for all who ordered from me


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Holy cowabunga!

I just got an email that I was a level one member. It is just about 2 or 3 week. I appreciate every buyer’s feedback and their support that was help to get this level.

I know it is automated level offer. But it detects how I goes on fiverr.

Thanks again 🙂

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Thanks. I was level 2 a few days ago. I had stopped selling due to my university exams for few months ago(after 2 months i was joined with fiverr), and continue to work in fiverr again(few days ago), and then i just sold 3 gigs at the first day and, With 3rd gig, i just got an email that saying i became level 2.

What a surprise 🙂

Fiverr Rocks!!!

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