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How Can I Do This Within Fiverr TOS?


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Hi Guys,

New Here 🙂

Im going to be offering a web design wordpress gig and will need to get information from the seller to create their site.

The way i have done this in the past with other clients outside of fiverr is with a highly interactive form. Is it acceptable for me to ask users to fill in a form hosted outside of fivver?

They would not be contacted outside of fiverr, i just need to find a great way of getting the information for their gig and a form would be much better than asking for 10 pages of website text via the message box…

Thanks 🙂

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Maybe you could talk to Customer Support to explain your situation and see what they say about it. I know they do allow some things like this depending on the nature of the gig, such as the s***e gigs. They’ll be the best people to help.

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