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Buttons and ToDo's


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Fiverr. For the love of the gods. Please, add some alert message or something when you click the Paypal Account or the Fiverr Revenue Card buttons. I’ve been on here for a while and I still clicked each of those buttons at least 3 times each with no response, it only refreshed and went back to the same page. There needs to be an alert that comes up saying “We’ve sent info to your email account!” And when you mouse over the Revenue Card button it says “New! Blah…Click here to learn more!” so I did…3 times… cmon, there needs to be a popup happening here.


I’ve asked for this for a long time now. Well, since I have been here so I guess it isnt long. When I look at my ToDo list I see orders and I try very hard to remember whos associated with what task. I would LOVE to see a seller be able to add a custom tag onto each task, even if its a short 10 letters so I can remember what ToDo task is.

For example:

1 Deliver (oh really?) You need to deliver your order (Oh, thanks for telling me again!) <—btw, these are wasted space really. You can just tell me I have an “Order”. “MutantSoldier” <–custom tag buyer name in 1 day

so in all it would look like this:

1 Order “MutantSoldier” JoeTheBuyer Due: 1day

I know this does not apply to everyone, especially those who just immediately sell stuff and chill. So then you dont even have to mess with the custom tag.

With the 20% that Fiverr takes out, they should constantly be making not only the Buyer experience better, but the Seller as well. And, 20% is just nuts as well btw…insanely too high of a cut.

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I really like the idea of being able to add a custom tag to the orders in to To Do list. It would be great to be able to see at a glance how big that order is and at the very least, which gig the buyer purchased (for people that have more than one active gig), in addition to being able to tag it with maybe a few words that would remind me what the order is for.

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