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Honesty and 2 questions


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I am having a great time here as a seller.

My Tip to sellers: be always honest, don’t offer what you can’t do, and tell them if so,

Sometimes I say sorry but I don’t or I can’t do this…

good communication…

But please help with 2 issues:

  1. How does custom offer works? (I need it for big projects that the gigs are not enough)

  2. I had to cancel an order because the buyer had understanding/technical problems

    I had no choice, he wanted 3 complicated drawing for only 5$… And he does’t approve the order.( i sent 1 B&W drawing for his 5$) …asked for modaration , again, to add color, 3 drawings!

    I tried to explain to him, again and again…now i am tierd of this, and asked for cancel.

    I can’t spend more time on him. It does’t work.

    Now, I am losing my $ …(and i worked for it)

    but more important to me is that the cancelation is on my side, view in my account, it isn’t fair, but i had no choice.

    I did my best with this buyer, much more that i have to do. I wrote it all to fiverr in my cancelation, will it help?

    Thank you!
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  1. The custom gig button is at the bottom of the messages in your inbox. If they message you before they order your gig you can create a custom gig for them that way.



  2. Just ask for the cancellation and keep moving forward. I have had a few of those as well. When you reach the next level, you will figure out how to avoid this by setting standards for your customers to agree to before you begin. You can say- This is what I will deliver to you, 1 black and white copy of the drawing. If you accept this gig offer, please go ahead and buy my gig. This way if they try to pull something else, you can always go back and say- You agreed to one black and white copy and we have it in the records of our conversation. Good luck!
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@ilanagraf Many customers want to do batch orders with you, or get a bundle deal to save money. The custom order, even though tempting with its high price option, only allows you to go out 30 days. And then, yes, you are most often delivering partial orders, with the understanding that the customer will submit an order modification to request more of the job(s). This is risky, and I try to avoid it. I tell these customers that it is better if we go ahead with one order, see if everyone is happy, and then go for chunks. This way you reduce your risk all around. It also helps keep your number of orders up if you are trying to level up. I primarily try to use custom orders as a closing tool. Customers seem confused sometimes on where and how to order from me, even after nailing down what they want in messages. At some point after I am fairly clear what they want, I go ahead and send the custom order in the message thread. This way, they have something to “bite” on; and they usually do. Otherwise, if you let them pile on a huge custom order, then you are looking at having to go on vacation and work exclusively on their project. This hurts your profile and visibility. Remember, there is only one of you. Watch out for you!

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Reply to @webtelly: thank you, yes, usualy i don’t do that even in my privet orders in my country, i understand what you mean. I didn’t know it’s for 30 days here, and was just checking, thanks

And yes, i try to explane everything to the client before in massages (but some alway don’t understand…)

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