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I need help!

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Hello, this is a guy that literally needs help with finding a Fiverr gig or perhaps even a point in the right direction?

I’ve been looking for two months for a fiverr gig for my needs, and one month straight looking for a fiverr gig suiting my needs. Honestly, i JUST want to PAY somebody to do this so i can continue my writings for my book!

The gig is cartography, using some program any program such as AutoREALM, Campaign Cartographer 3, or anything similar to create this continent I’ve been working on. I’m going to start looking for photo shop people now just because how long it is actually taking for me to find a person for this, i found one guy but he is having health issues. At least i had a good laugh for when i found a fiverr good stating a guy would pray for me at one of those stereotypical countries like Albania. (No offense, i thought it was funny. Gta reference anybody?)

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