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What i'm looking for today


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Today i am looking for a person to solve my math problem that is actually suppose to be a test in my book being solved by twenty one students. The test is absolutely ridiculous and is made up of 1000 questions, these questions have hidden logic and unreasonably hard to actually complete with the correct score. The perfect score for this test is 76% and 3/4%, or seventy six and three quarters percent out of 100%.

The rules for the fiverr agent to complete this test are separate from the actual rules in the book for obvious reasonings, these rules are as followed.

-All grades are rounded off by quarters, only if necessary.

-The first part of the test will be multiplied by 115

-The second part of the test will divide the current score by 57.5

(Part 1 is 249 questions, part 2 is 249 questions, the entire test is 999 questions and part 3 and 4 only effect the people in the book.)

The fiver agent then needs to figure out if this test is actually possible to be completed with a 100% (76 and 3/4 percent) grade or not, and if they can make it anymore ridiculous i would ask how and put their suggestion into the test.

. . .

I’m still waiting for a reply O_O

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That’s one big NOPE for me! Haha, math and I have a very antagonist relationship that stretches back decades.

We’re old enemies, math and I. :))

Honestly, I do wish you all the best for finding someone who can help you out with this. I bow down to their mental prowess.

Good luck!!

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