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Cutting out green stuff


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So Valentine’s Day is over, it’s time some of us get ready for St.Patrick’ s day.

And so I decided to create a St.Patrick’s day gig. While I was sitting at my desk, cutting out green paper while watching the Walking Dead, I realized I know NOTHING about St.Patrick’s Day. All I remember from my childhood

growing up in the states is me wearing a green shirt to school so I won’t get pinched, making these clover cut-outs in craft class, and our teacher giving us those gold chocolate coins.

So I went to good-old Wikipedia to educate myself a bit. I think I know a bit more about the holiday now.

By the time I was finished creating the gig, there was a pile of green paper cut-outs on my desk.

Wow, I’m 7 years old again 😃

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