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Please, give the chance to new sellers


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Please, give the chance to new sellers like me.

We will inspire if you’ll give us some jobs. Because the new generation are very innovative and hard worker.

They are crazy to do creative works. Please give them the chances…

Remember, by getting your order, a new seller can get more inspiration. You are the persons, who made us dreamer.

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Guest erica60

@tonmoy71, thanks for this post.

I am also a new seller on fiverr who is offering writing gigs. Buyers, please find the link to one of my writing gigs here>>> >>.

You can find my other gigs at the bottom of the page.

If you have any inquiries, please do no hesitate to contact me. I’ll answer your inquiries promptly.

I am looking forward to my first order soon. You can be sure of 100% satisfaction.

Thank you!

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Guest norrsken_marc

@tonmoy71 And here’s a little advice, as @madmoo pointed out in her answer: you might want to reconsider your keywords, because ‘accountinggenie’, ‘oxyarts’ and ‘gopal939’ are very bad keywords. How do you plan on getting found in searches when you intentionally make your gigs hard to find? Failing to deliver an order is a really bad sign for most buyers, so you might have to work twice as hard to earn their trust. Just read madmoo’s reply and follow it closely and things will improve.

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@billas, your images are REALLY generic, would be better to show your actual skills (what you’ve done) especially when the image of the logo gig clearly demonstrates which online free software you use…

It happened sometimes I did go for brand new gigs for the main reason that

  1. New ppl need good ratings, so they will deliver good work
  2. They have more time to answer, compared to overwhelmed top rated sellers
  3. Most of the time, they don’t have restrictions like “only in black and white” or “not for commercial use”
  4. Sometimes they have a fresh point of view that can be nice (and not the common style of every best sellers)

    So YES, try new comers, they can be good.

    But as I advised to Billas: don’t use generic images, show what you have actually already done! Propose to friends to do things for free for them, and show it. Sometimes you’ll thing is cheap, but in fact, I’ve seen A LOT of gig this strange/childish/cheap styles that are actually very appreciated u_u’ (no demo for no offense but in the illustration section sometimes you can be really surprised)

    Respond quick and nicely.

    Don’t be difficult and greedy at first : do whatever to please your client, no only it’s worth it for your good rating, but also trying to fulfill even the hardest expectations is a good way to reach your limits, improve, and make better propositions then after.

    BE HONEST in the description of the gig : you’re a newcomer, a beginner? Say it! Don’t invent skills you don’t have, and “a team” that you don’t work with…

    Last but not least : try and make several gigs for the same service, with different catch names and ideas. You can make a logo? Propose it for buttons, tee shirts, websites… The catch words of the title are extremely important. I have myself 2 very similar gigs with different names, one of them has NEVER been taken while the other has been ordered several times…
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