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No views, even if i know that someone clicked


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Hey everyone,

I’m new here on fiverr and i will take a moment to say Hi.

So Hi everyone 😃

Okay now here is my problem ( i hope i posted this in the right forum )

I started a Gig 4-5 Days ago and i did not expect someone to buy anything but i expected at least 5 views in the first 3 days, but for some reason i did only get 1 click ( i think that was the time myself clicked on the gig )

Now here is the thing, i asked a friend on mine to click on the gig only to see if the click will be counted, and still the counter says 1 View so i tried it with a couple other friends but still… the counter stays at 1 View.

Is it possible that i do something wrong?

Or maybe something is buggy? 😦

If i search the entire title the gig doesn’t come up but if i search my username i can find it.

And if I’m honest i don’t think my gig is bad ( Check it out and tell me what you think )

I would be Okay if i had some views but simply no one want to buy it then i would knew, that I’m doing something wrong, but without even a single view i must tell my self this question " Do i even have a chance that someone will notice me? "

Maybe someone can help? 😦


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In my opinion Fiverr is good in telling how great they are, and to show how much some have made here…me and a friend posted a “gig” with a great deal… No views , “gig” is nowhere to be found , even if u post a new job and u watch in “recent posts” u will see that your post is not on the top. To make money here u are in the hands of Fiverr and their workers…if they decide to give u a better position…then your “gig” is to be found, if not…u are just filling of the cake!!

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Guest supertraffic1

All this hell! Thanks for reviewing this to me because i wanted to quit fiverr. Now i can exercise a little more patience to see how this works.

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