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Hi Sellers What is your idea about gig cover?


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Hi Every sellers,As my experience in fiverr I think there must be a update on a gig cover. Fiverr has given a chance to first add a video and secondly a gig picture thirdly gig sample and fourthly another sample.But there is a problem after adding the gig video first.the snapshot of a video stays as a gig cover preview of the gig.Just think some buyers came to purchase a gig only looking at the gig cover.Some of them don’t want to play a video to by this.St this time if the gig cover looking bored with a just words think what will happen.( For example one of my buyer asked me, why your gig looked ugly with a snapshot of a video hiding your beautiful gig picture? ) As my idea gig picture can says lot of things and gig picture directly helps to increase the orders.So My suggestion is there must be the gig picture on the first not gig video.Gig video helps to say more about the gig, show more samples have been done on the gig etc.So there is no effect that put the gig video on the second place.So Sellers, What is your idea? I would like to know your idea as well.

If there must be changed we fiverr will pay there attention.

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