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Your story on how to kickstart your Fiverr career?


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Hi guys,

I’m Jimmy, and I’m very new to Fiverr. I have been struggling to kickstart my Fiverr Gig service (https://www.fiverr.com/jimmygrant/write-2-uniqe-contents-500-words-each-copy-scape-pass). So I would like to hear your story on how you start your career on Fiverr at the very beginning. Would be inspiring and eye-opening for everyone to know your unique story, don’t you think?



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Guest inkbridge

am not a successor yet, but still I can suggest you a few techniques… 🙂

Have you tried “Buyer requests” ? if you haven’t , you better do… If you need help regarding the same, don’t hesitate to ask lol 🙂

“cold marketing” is one another thing I will recommend. I got one client from this method but its a tedious work… Go to other sellers providing same work as your, look into their review section and try to contact those who made repeated buying… message them with a killer introduction about your service…

The rest are obvious ones… like social media…

tell me what you think 🙂

Happy fiverring…

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I do a similar sort of thing to you. I haven’t really advertised anywhere but I understand that using twitter, with a link to your gig, you can use certain hastags to get retweeted by certain networks and gain views that way.

I am pretty lucky and have a fairly steady flow of clicks naturally, but I am not sure why, this month I have had 3k views… again… no idea why.

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You’re offering 24 hour delivery, that’s good.

If you wanted to, you could focus on articles that are 1x1000 words in length. The number 1000 always catches people’s eye. It’s double the size of the average 500 word gig, and folks can rarely resist it.

Second, get some samples up. Just prove you aren’t serving up spun garbage. That’s people’s biggest fear, paying money for unusable work.

Third, change your gig description. It looks too spammy.

Fourth, stop using the word “contents”. Web-content is a collective noun, thus it’s singular. You can write somebody’s web content, or you can write them two articles. You can’t write them 2 contents.

Fifth, fix the spelling error in your gig title. Come on, man, you’re a writer. These are rookie mistakes you’re making. It should read “unique”.

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