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I'm having a trouble when I try to deliver my work.. :( Why?


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Guest easy_button

That one is not all that common. I suggest updating your flash player on your browser of choice and also try using google chrome to use fiverr. I think thats the most compatible one.

Also there is a button I think that says “Problems uploading?” click that and you can upload your work a different way.

And someone correct me if I’m wrong but I dont think customers are allowed to show your work in the portolio when you use that uploader?

– Link to update flash http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

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Guest prowritersgroup

It has happen to me when i tried to edit my gig. Although i have flashplayer installed.

what i did was to open another window/tab and try again, and everything went on normal. Also, it could be that your browsing speed was slow…

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