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Did not got my job doen


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First of all: buying FB likes and/or friends is something that violates FB rules, so your likes can disappear as soon as they’re set on your account and, in some moment, your account can be banned and your pages removed.

That said, let me show you how orders work:

  1. You place an order (better if you contact seller before doing it)
  2. Seller has n days to deliver your order (as stated in his/her gig)
  3. If seller fails to deliver on time buyer can reject the order
  4. If seller delivers something different from what stated in his/her gig, buyer can ask for modification (there's a button in order page)
  5. Once the order has been delivered from seller, buyer has 3 days to either accept the delivery or ask for modification; when 3 days are gone, order gets automatically completed and buyer can refuse it only for valid reasons by opening a ticket with Customer Support
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