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Hi Fiverr forum! I am up late on this Saturday night after receiving word that my photos are being used on a porn site, selling “my” undies. Yuck! The photos (all completely appropriate) were stolen from my Fiverr portfolio for modeling gigs of other clients.

There was an email address listed on the undie auction, so I sent an email threatening legal action if my photos weren’t taken down within 24 hours. I heard back immediately with an unapologetic person saying that I need to step up my game and that he/she follows my Twitter feed. He/she proceeded to ask “how many times have you found yourself in this same situation and which ones were also mine.” This means that this person has done it before and won’t stop.

What do I do from here? I’m not sure that this is the place to ask, but I figured it’s worth a shot. Maybe someone else here can relate, since we are all Internet workers 🙂 I recall reading legal advice here before with somewhat similar situations and I would really appreciate any advice you can provide if you know what I should do.



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Guest hammi2010

Oh my goodness! People are disgusting sometimes. I’m so sorry they are doing this to you and I hope you can find a way to make them stop.

You can actually sue them though. Copy paste from a legal website below.

Another reason to stop the use is known as the right of publicity. This occurs if your image is used for commercial purposes such as to sell products or to imply that you endorse a product. If the photo is used in a commercial website – that is, one sponsored by a business or that sells products or services – the unauthorized use of your image would probably violate your right of publicity. The public must be able to identify you in the photograph.

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