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How to profit from fiverr and become a star


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How to Profit on Fiverr

  1. Utilize Awe-Inspiring Title With KEYwords

    For seo purpose it is necessary to Insert your keyword in your title and making it stand out. This will draw the attention of buyer to your gig. To achieve this Capitalize

    Your Main keyword in your Title you want to rank on fiverr search. You are only allow to capitalize a word and also capitalize each letter of the first word. For Example: I will design a Professional ECOVER for $5 Doing this will allow users to see vividly you tile on the fiverr search.


  2. Correct Category:

    Some people do play the prawns by placing their gig in the wrong category intentionally. The right and the best thing is to place your gig in the right category. Placing Ecover gig in graphic design and placing writing gig in article writing category. Don’t try to outsmart the system it may get your gig been flag by user and end up being deleted.

  3. Use the right Tag

    Still on the seo of your gig for visibility on fiverr search you need to use the right tag. For example if you have a gig that like I will design a Professional 2D and 3D ebookcover for $5. When people search for 2d, ebook cover or 3d. The gig that will be visible to them are those that have the keyword in their title and tags. When doing this their are two things you have to put in mind which are using relevant tags which may draw buyers to you and also the use of long tail tag/keyword. To get the right tag you can take a look at other sellers that are doing well in the gig you want to order maybe two to three sellers and pick your tag from theirs.


  4. Describe Your service and also Include Your Main Point, Keywords/tags and Also Bonuses In your Gig:

    Giving a detailed description of your gig will give the buyer an insight of what they will be ordering Place an order. If you browse through some top rated seller gig you will notice that they give a detail description of their service on few of them did not and i know they change it after they have achieve that level. Therefore when describing you gig state what the buyer will get for $5, insert keyword/tags, Main point, what they will need to provide, the duration it will take you to deliver it and also bonus they will receive. To achieve this easily you can also browse through other sellers gig and write yours from Theirs but DO NOT COPY THEIR DESCRIPTION. If you do it may end up getting you gig being denied. CHECK OUT MY GIG

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