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Another Tips For Sellers topic from a 10,000 + seller


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We all know that general sales on Fiverr has dropped for a lot of us. But there are still lots of new sellers looking for tips. Yes. There are a lot of “Tips for sellers” topics. But some of them don’t address basic technique. I guess some of us assume most people already know. So. Here are some personal tips from a fellow Seller who has been on Fiverr for 3+ years. Some you know, some you won’t agree with… but all have worked for me. Even through the recent times and changes through Fiverr. I admit sales have dropped. But some of these tips will help “Ride it through”.

Language, Spelling and Grammar.

I get at least one laugh every single time I tune into the forums. Why? Basic Grammar.

I know English is not a lot of Sellers first language. But Fiverr is an English speaking site. If you're not sure about your Grammar get someone else to look at your gig!

A few repeated offenders I see all the time.

- It is not " Sells ". It is " Sales ". - " I wish to know how to get sells " is WRONG! It should be " I wish to know how to get sales "

- Watch the order of your words. " Why you won't buy from me? " is WRONG! It should be " Why won't you buy from me? "

DON'T Use Someone's Picture As You Avatar!

People are not stupid. Buyers are not dumb. Trust is the most important aspect of your gig!
If your profile picture / Avatar is a Super Good looking girl selling SEO/Google services we all know that is NOT YOU!
Especially when you can do a Google Image Search and find out!

If you feel you have to steal someone a picture of someone else and try to say it is you... than the buyer will think you are not trustworthy and will not buy your gig.

Trust is important people!

Pro Sounding Gig.

When you create your gig you are selling yourself and your service. Don't just 'Slop' up the first thing that comes to mind. Create your gig. Check your spelling and Grammar. Re-Check it or get someone else to. Then, use a good picture. Not some common stock photo. If it has to be a stock photo make sure it's a good one and don't use the first thing that pops up when you Image search. Find something slightly unique. As a buyer myself the first thing I look for is how the gig reads. If the seller is not going to take the time to make sure their gig is as good as it can be... they probably do the same with their service.
Perceived Bribery.

Don't try and bribe potential clients. I see this a lot. The whole "Buy now get something for free" doesn't work that well for gigs. Sure. It works for infomercials because of the people watching. But the majority of buyers who surf Fiverr do not fall prey to this tactic. Also. A note for sellers of social media services (Like me). Stop writing that you offer a guarantee for dropped likes or followers or whatever. This screams FAKE! If a real person likes a page they will likely not un-like because they themselves liked it! Don't try and bribe potential clients with this tactic as it screams scam and hurts the few of us that do the job right!

Sometimes it's OK to send a personal message. But at least take the time to actually make it a personal message and not just copy/paste 100 times and send. Want to sell your gig? Want to message me? Instead of a Copy/Paste maybe try: " Loved a few of your gigs and some of them look really cool. If ever you're interested maybe have a look at mine. "

The following does NOT work: " Dear Sir. I am offering to sales my own awesome gigs at your disposal. "

Does NOT work.

Same as Forum spamming. Do not spam up every topic with your gig.

Look at it this way. If you are bothering me by spamming up every topic I look at do you think I will ever order your gig? No. I would not because you spam to much.

Advertising your gigs is a great thing to be free to do. But be careful not to spam.

Family, Friends and Social Media.

Here you are on Fiverr. So odds are you have a small E-Mail list. You have Facebook. You have Twitter. You have YouTube. Basically... you have some or all of the above.

So... Promote your gigs to them! Contact Family, Friends, your Facebook friends list! Tweet your gig! Send an E-Mail!

Don't whine that Fiverr isn't promoting your gig. They don't 'have' to promote your gig. You need to take the initiative and do it yourself.

If you won't promote your own gig than why would anyone else? Take control and help yourself!

Do the job you say. Don't scam and be as honest as you can. DON'T LIE TO GET GIGS!

You provide video than make original videos! Don't use free templates.
You provide Real Facebook Likes than start promoting and provide real ones! Don't Use Bots!
You make Logo's than make them and don't steal them from Google Images.

If you lie you may get some gigs when you start. But sooner or later they will stop coming. And for every one person that says you are a scammer they tell 5 other people. And those 5 people tell 5 more people.

Do your gig properly or don't do it and do something else that you 'can' do properly.

Selling On the Fiverr Forum.

I'm not saying that you can't get sales on the Fiverr forum. A lot of people generate quite a few sales using these posts. But you should also be aware (Especially the hordes of people posting stuff like "Buyers... Buy from me buy from me!!!" ) that the vast majority of traffic to the Fiverr site doesn't frequent the forums. Hell, most people don't even know the forums are here. These forums are frequented by the Fiverr regulars. The Fiverr regulars are "Mainly" sellers. I don't know exact numbers but if 1000 people visit Fiverr every day than only like 1 of those people ever finds the forums. (Fiverr traffic is way higher... just wanted to make a point)


Sure. Post your gigs here on the forum in the proper area. ( See spamming )
Interact and make friends when possible on the forums.
But keep in mind that most Fiverr sellers find their sales from the Fiverr site, not this forum. There's just not enough people that even know the forum exists.

And finally... my personal favorite.

Stop bribing clients with " Extras ".
This is a debatable topic. But I never do more than I say I will do. OK, OK. If it's a regular client sometimes I do add extra. But never do it all the time.

It makes you feel unsure of yourself. You think maybe you didn't do that good of a job so you add a little extra. Don't do it! Be confident you did your job to the best of your ability and don't try to bribe.

I originally always gave extra. But when I stopped doing that my conversion changed from 1 repeat client every 10 people to 1 repeat client after every 4.

Don't add the extra just do what you say you'll do.

Save the "Extra thank you gifts" for the repeat clients that have been there for you. It's much more appreciated.

Aside from that, always giving extra get's to the point it becomes expected. So it's not an "Extra" any more. If you don't give that extra the client says: "Where's the extra?" Then, you might as well have just included the extra in your gig.
There's lots of other things I've learned over the years. Loads of stuff. But some tricks and secrets I want to keep to myself. LOL. Maybe I'll make a huge E-Book on getting and maintaining Fiverr sales... and sell it on Fiverr! LOL
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Interesting what you say about extras - it shouldn’t be a debatable topic at all, it’s just basic psychology! If you undersell yourself and give stuff out for free you cheapen yourself in your buyer’s mind. People will only pay for stuff they think has value, and if you give them something for free all the time, that thing has no value at all (and by extension, your time in providing it).

On the other hand free extras can be a nice surprise for repeat buyers, as long as they’re a rare thing, and not expected. Make sure they know your time is valuable and they’ll respect you for it.

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