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Caveat emptor


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OK…I tried to purchase a list of Equifax Only Lenders and an assessment based on my current credit report to pinpoint the best lenders for an extra fee and speedy service of 34 hours for yet another gig extra from some con man/woman out here names dadreammaker. I started a brief communication with this person and they asked for my login information for fragglerock.com. (HECK NO!) You need my social security number in order to login, so that was out of the question. I offered to print my current report and send that pdf to him/her. I did that and still have not heard from this person.

I’M LETTING OTHER BUYERS KNOW…CAVEAT EMPTOR OUT HERE ON FIVERR. And for fiverr.com to condone this con, is depolorable.

I have to protect my excellent credit and name and file an Identity Theft Affidavit with the FTC and a Federal Criminal Complaint against this person, all for what $21…seriously? Fiverr.com better get back to soon or I’m drafting my affidavit and complaint.

It’s apparent not everyone out here selling products and services are honorable or abide my the Uniform Commercial Code.

Sick nonsense…this make these bogus claims on his profile and fiverr.com allows this?


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