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Agent_j*hn ? Fiverr team?

Guest alw1nl

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Just received the following message (below) but it’s lacking any confirmation that this guy is an official at Fiverr, no logo at his profile page, nothing and unclear information when I lookup the whois data of the mentioned ‘voting’ website. Is this a scammer/hacker or really a Fiverr official? (in that case suggest making it clear on the profile page to protect users)

‘agent_jhn (modified)

Hi alw

Are you still waiting for more sales?

(link to ‘Fiverr vote website’ removed)

Don’t worry here is the best place to promote and earn more sales traffic for your Gigs.

Just vote and then you can see your Gigs with Fiverr main category page.

Note: Please vote using your unique Fiverr account and don’t use this offer with multiple accounts.

This offer valid until 31st December.


Fiverr Team’

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Hey alw1n!

This is spam and fraud, I would change your password now just in case.

Also for your sake I would remove the username that sent you this message because this forum does not like to call people out! Instead replace the username with frogglesrock.

Also remove that link so no one gets curious and clicks it. =)

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Guest swagdesi

Yes, its a phishing trick.

Dont enter your details and if you have done then please change your password as soon as possible.

Thank you 🙂

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Guest avadhikanojia

Spam or we say it is phishing attack few day before i read on thread on fiverr someone make website same as fivver named fiverrpromotion and one seller login on it and then spammer withdraw money from paypal and then remove her account… guy please beware…many spammer here.

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It’s a phishing message! Be sure to report it using the ‘report’ button in the bottom right of the message box and if possible, please contact Customer Service with a screenshot of the message and report the user. The team will handle so no other users on Fiverr are contacted and put at risk of having their accounts compromised.

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