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Unified Inbox Messages - One Place to Communicate All


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All interaction between the Seller and the Buyer needs to happen inside a Unified Message.

It is nice that Fiverr made the inbox better.

Having two separate places to communicate with the Buyer is not helpful. When a buyer orders a gig, the gig should be added inline with the inbox message. This way all interaction between a Seller and a Buyer is in one location.

This makes it super easy to recognize if you have done work for a Buyer in the past, or ordered work from a Seller in the Past.

It would make larger scale projects with multiple smaller gigs easier to manage and follow.

It would allow the awesome new tag system to also apply to gigs not just inbox messages.

It would let everyone easily go back and see what was discussed in the last gig, and in the message beforehand.

I think that this simple yet powerful change will enhance the Fiverr experience all around.

The next obvious extension of this is to allow live text and video chats to happen within messages. But one thing at a time.

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Guest fixmyprocess

le0nard0 - great suggestion, I am all for the video chat because I have buyers all the time asking me to take convos out of the Fiverr forum because describing their business scenario would be easier.

Also, I don’t know if other sellers get this situation - I have buyers really confused on how to attach their requirements to the order thread so they ask for my contact info. I don’t know what is so confusing about it!

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This is a good idea. I haven’t thought about it in such a usage case to be honest. Disclosure: I’m the founder of www.unifiedinbox.com - and we’d be happy to work with fiver to bring Unified Inbox Messages for all project related communication (no matter which channel) inside their system. Happy to provide the necessary toolkit for that, could be a great cooperation and partnership for both our users.

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