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I Think Fiverr Should Update Their TOS


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There are some things that are not allowed, yet it is not stated anywhere in the Fiverr TOS that it is not allowed.

For example: Multiple accounts.

I have been told by customer support you are not allowed to have multiple accounts for your own use. Only one active account per user, but you may have multiple accounts per household with the same IP, as long as it is different users with completely different gigs. Also, there have been many cases where users were banned, and the reason Fiverr Admins gave to them, was “multiple accounts”.

So, it is obviously NOT allowed. Yet, nowhere in the TOS does it state that a user may not have multiple accounts and having multiple accounts may lead to your account being banned.

Now, how is a new user supposed to know that this is not allowed? Is it right for a user to be banned for this if it is not stated in the TOS that it is not allowed? How can you follow a rule that has not been stated?

What are your thoughts on this?

I think that if there are things NOT allowed, they should be stated in the TOS. We must know the rules in order to abide by them, right?

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It’s true , it’s not in the TOS.

From the internet community , people are only getting banned for having multiple accounts linked to the SAME paypal

I don’t know how “against the rules” it is to have multiple accounts.

I think if you are offering different kinds of gigs , its just a way to get around the 20 limit. But we all know people are jerks and just want to spam things on the internet cause it’s their God given right apparently. For those people … we should put this in the TOS… Then again … I don’t believe in people being penalized for others’ mistakes. If you are offering 20+ different things… have at it trooper. Just keep the paypal accounts separate and you will fly under the radar. You can’t base it on whether or not you are using the same IP. It would kill me and my girlfriend’s accounts and we are definitely separate entities.

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Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Personally, I still feel that if something such as not being allowed to have multiple accounts is NOT allowed, and by doing so, you could get your account banned… then it should be in there with the basic rules. I just don’t see how it’s fair to ban someone for doing something that they had no way of knowing was wrong because it was never included in the rules. If you must follow the rules, you must know the rules to be followed. 😦

I certainly would not like to have my account banned for something that I didn’t know was wrong… not because I simply didn’t read the rules carefully… but because it was never put in there as a rule. 😦 The way I see it, is if I am going to be punished for violating the TOU, whatever I did better be in the TOU for me to violate! Otherwise, I technically didn’t violate anything!

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