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Asking help from Buyers!


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i am asking help from the Buyers!!! When i create my account on fiverr, first month i got lot’s of order, but now it’s totally zero! i don’t know what’s the problem!!!

Please tell me…

what type of seller you guys (Buyers) want?

is there any problem on my accounts?

how to increase conversion rate?



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If you are asking my HONEST opinion I will give it. Fiverr has gotten really big over the last year. Even a few months ago there was not the competition there is now.

I would not order your gigs now. All your gigs are for things that require the use of words and language and there are grammatical errors and typos in your headers. Look at your post to this discussion board. (I hope you are asking for honest feedback.) You did not capitalize the first letters of sentences. The sentence structure is bad.

logo_desing said: how to increase conversion rate?

should be, "How do I increase my conversion rate?"

Normally the way you write would be fine. But your gigs are for services that require the used of words, so buyers are looking at how you write.

I hope this helps. I wasn't trying to pick on you, just give the feedback you are looking for.
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